Foundation Females:


Reg: FB22153

Makena will always have a special place at our farm; not only because you can pet her as long as grain is involved, she is spoiled rotten, or the fact that she is halter broke and will let Mady ride on her like a ‘horsey’, but she was the beginning to our fullblood Wagyu program. Her breeding is strong in the Tajima line as she is a daughter of MFC Sanjirou 3-39, which is a direct son of World K’s Sanjirou and her dam is Bay Shige Miki 118 whose pedigree traces back to Hisako. She herself was shown at the 2016 World Beef Expo in WI and she became our first donor cow in the spring of 2017.


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MFC Sanjirou 3-39

MFC Sanjirou 3-39 is a AA-10 son out of World K’s Sanjirou crossed with BAR R 57T and was a very influential herd sire for the Muddy Flats program with his outstanding pedigree and individual performance. His sire, World K’S Sanjirou is a son of World K’S Suzutani who was one of the first three females to leave Japan and is 100% Tajima bred. Sanjirou himself has the potential to become one of the most influential sires of the Tajima line; having great meat quality, large ribeye area, thick rib and high yields. In the 2006 U.S. Wagyu Sire Summary, Sanjirou ranks third highest in marbling amongst the breed. His dam, BAR R 57T is a heavily acclaimed donor for the Bar R program and she herself is a product of the World K Wagyu program. BAR R 57T is one of only two daughters still alive today by the World K’S Nakagishi 5 and is also sired by World K’S Sanjirou. MFC Sanjirou 3-39 sold at the Muddy Flats Cattle Company dispersal sale for $10,000 in October 2017.
Bay Shige Miki 118

Bay Shige Miki 118 is a daughter of World K’s Shigeshigetani crossed with Bay Fuji Miki 62 and was an influential donor in Designer Wagyu’s breeding program. Her pedigree traces back to the elite Hisako cow family known for their high quality meat traits including extremely high marbling. Miki’s 2nd dam, Misami, and Miki’s 3rd dam, Misako, are both some of the highest marbling Wagyu’s tested to date. Her sire, World K’s Shigeshigetani is one the greatest powerful genetic bulls the breed has ever seen. He brings consistent marbling traits with quality throughout. Bay Shige Miki 118 has the genetic power to be one of his best daughters and is the complete package being high in type and marbling genes. She was named Grand Champion Cow at the 2015 World Beef Expo in WI and sold for $9,250 in Designer Wagyu’s online sale held in October 2017.
Reg: FB26498

Kelley is technically the first fullblood Wagyu we purchased in the spring of 2016; however she was still an embryo that was due to calve in the fall. As we anxiously awaited her arrival, Mady often told people that we had ‘a steak moo moo inside a milk moo moo’s belly’. This being our first experience with embryo’s, we were a bit nervous while we waited for her arrival and have been proud of her ever since she was born. Her breeding is strong in the Tajima line as she is the daughter of JVP Fukutsuru 068 crossed with WSI Michihira. She was our first donor cow for the fall herd and second donor cow overall for the farm.

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JVP Fukutsuru 068
Reg: FB2101

JVP Fukutsuru 068 is a AA-7 foundation sire that was imported to the United States in 1994. He is perhaps one of the most famous Wagyu sires in US history and is certainly a prime example of the Tajima bloodlines. He led all the sires in marbling in the 2001 & 2006 US Wagyu Sire Summary and is renowned for his great meat qualities that have been reflected in all of his progeny tested here in the USA. He hails from one of the most famous cow lines in Japan, known as ‘Kikutsuru’. Both his sire and dam are from this cow family making him and extremely line bred animal. Every generation of JVP Fukutsuru 068’s maternal line has produced sires for A.I. in Japan with countless animals from this cow family having made and impact on the breed.

Photo is of WSI Michifuji - dam to WSI Michara
WSI Michihira
Reg: FB15224

WSI Michihira is a daughter of Hirashigeharu crossed with WSI Michifuji and she is a royal member of the World K’s Suzutani line with a truly platinum pedigree packed with many breed leaders. Her sire, Hirashigeharu, is a son of Hirashigetayasu J2351, whose Kedaka lineage shows strong propensity for growth and balance with a larger frame while also maintaining carcass quality. An official Japanese progeny test revealed that at least 80% of his steers would gain a A5 grade; the highest grade given to carcasses in Japan. His dam, Suzuharu, is a full sister to World K’s Shigeshigetani. Michihira’s dam, WSI Michifuji, has a pretty impressive pedigree herself. Her dam, Suzumichi, is a full sister to World K’s Sanjirou and her sire is Kenhanafuji; the rarest of all the foundation bulls that is also the highest selling Wagyu bull of all time and is often referred to as the ‘international bull of mystery’. He was named after his tremendous, dynastic, Kedaka sired dam, Hana Fuji 472029; his, former #1 in Japan for marbling, sire Itohana; and his 100% pure Kedaka Hongen maternal sire, Kensei 108. He is the only calf out of the great ‘Hana Fuji’ cow ever registered outside Japan, making him a potent out cross to all international herds. He was one of the most promising young bulls in Japan in the early 90’s before being exported to the US in 1994. His calves are strong, long bodied animals with extreme width that are also good milk producers with high fertility and have a great temperament, making them easy keeping cattle. WSI Michihira sold for $11,000 at the 2015 Mile High Wagyu sale held during the Denver Stock Show.

AI Reference Sires:

Reg: FB5663
Bar R Shigeshigetani 30T
Reg: FB8177
Reg: FB22028
Reg: FB670
World K’s Haruki 2
Reg: FB1614
World K’s Kage
Reg: FB7540
World K’s Kitaguni Jr
Reg: FB2422
Reg: FB1615

Herd Bulls:

CRCC 122B “Larry”
Reg: FB26292
Reg: FB24891

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