Our Story

Twin Oaks is owned and operated by our small family even though many other family members have a helping role in our operation. We are Jason, Jessica and Madalyn Winall and we would like to thank you for being interested in our journey.

Jason and Jessica met in 2005, but didn't begin dating until summer 2006 and were married in fall 2009. Jason grew up in the construction industry and is currently one of the lead owners of his family run framing company. They specialize in residential construction and are busy running crews that work on projects for many of our local builders. 

Jessica was always interested in houses her whole life and knew she wanted to be an architect when she grew up. After graduating high school she headed down south to Savannah, GA to pursue her education. Over the summers of her last few years of college, she came home to work with a local home builder in the office, helping to develop new plans and work on existing ones. This is where our two paths crossed as Jason was one of the lead framers at the time and one task for her was to fix the problems from the field in the house plans. In the spring of 2006, she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in Architecture with a minor in Interior Design. In the spring of 2007, she received her Master of Architecture and headed back home to Virginia. Working with a large firm in Richmond, she gained valuable experience about the commercial side of the industry. She still currently works with an architect part time which allows her to be present in all the family and farm activities. 

We welcomed our daughter, Madalyn, into this world in December of 2010 and truly had no idea how this little cowgirl could change our lives forever. She is a smart little girl that can always light up the world around her. She makes sure everyone knows what they need to be doing and will let you know if you are not doing it right. She has always said she is going to Virginia Tech when she grows up and wants to be a 'cowgirl' but has now added being a teacher to that list. She is currently involved in dance, gymnastics, Girl Scouts and 4H, where she is a member of the cloverbuds group and Jessica co-leads with another friend. 

So that is enough about us ... I guess you would like to know more about the farm!

In 2009, a few months before we were getting married, Jessica received a text from Jason while at work saying 'I just bought a farm'. Not being surprised by this news with his love of land, she didn't really know what to say other than ... 'WHAT!'. With the help of Jessica’s grandfather who was interested in farm land as well, the original piece of land was purchased. It was a 144 acre farm that once was operated by the Walker Family. The house, barns, sheds, and pig pens were all still on site even though they had seen their better days. It had also been timbered at one point since the farming days and the cutover had started growing back. The previous owner had restored some of the fields for hay production. 

The first few years focused on hay production on the 20 +/- acres of established grass ... or really learning how to harvest hay. Jason had spent his whole life around horses growing up, so he knew what needed to be done even though he had never actually cut hay before. We looked around for the pieces and parts we needed to get the job done even if they were old and beat up. He always says ... 'there is nothing a hammer can't fix'. 

He also knew that one day he wanted to have cows like his grandfather use to raise. Not knowing exactly what would be best, he decided that we should have a registered Angus herd. Some called us crazy and others laughed, but Jason figured if he was going to start from scratch then let's do the best we can. We started putting posts in the ground, running the fences and updating the structures so that one day the animals could come. 

In October 2012, Twin Oaks Angus Farm began when we decided to make the trip to Blacksburg, VA to attend the Hokie Harvest that is put on every year by Virginia Tech, one of our state's leading agricultural colleges. Not knowing what we were really getting ourselves into, we loaded up the truck and trailer and headed west to see what we could learn. This is where we got our 'Shadoe' along with the spring heifer calf she had that year. She, to this day, is one of our leading foundation females. After going to a few more local sales, we ended the year with five cows, or ‘moo-moo's’ as Mady likes to call them. 

Shortly after having our first calf born, and with no bull in the pasture, we made the decision to artificially breed so that we could get the best genetics possible to align with each female in the hopes that our choices would produce future generations of cattle that are stronger than the generation before. Yet another thing that we knew absolutely nothing about, but were ready to learn what we could. Jason started researching bulls and trying to figure out who would be best. We also began working with one of our local semen reps and we even attended a two day long AI training course one summer.

Over the next few years we continued to learn and grow as much as we could in this new world. Getting involved with our local Extension office(s) to attend various seminars, joining our local Cattlemen's Association and even working with our local Soil & Water District to install the automatic cattle watering system and cross fencing. In this time, we also gained a small group of registered balancer's and some commercial Angus girls just to add in the pastures. More pastures, more animals and more knowledge was gained by all. 

In August 2016, Twin Oaks Wagyu Farm officially began under the umbrella of our existing farm. After processing our first half blood (F1) steer earlier that year, Jason ‘died and went to steak heaven’ as I often say. We started researching this new breed and wanted to learn what we could about the breed. This time, we headed west again and made a 16 hour trip to Wakashaw, WI for the Primetime International Sale. Here we gained our 'Makena' but unless she was going to make the trip home in the back of our Explorer, she was going to have to stay for a little while longer. With that, we made the decision to leave her in WI for a month so she could be shown at the 2016 World Beef Expo. Jessica and Mady made the trip back out, with a truck and trailer this time, to see her show and also finally bring her home to Virginia. She became our first donor cow in the spring of 2017 and we are excited to be able to add more females to this list soon.

Currently, the farm sits at 225 acres and has about 100 +/- animals (including calves) grazing in all the fields. We still focus on the AI with our breeding, but have also expanded our knowledge regarding the frozen genetics by creating and implanting embryos. With this, we are involved in the entire process from setting up the donors and recipients along with breeding and the vet comes out for the flushing and implanting. A world I never thought we would be involved with if you asked me just a year ago. We are truly blessed to have grown into what we are so far and are excited to see what our future holds. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read our story. If you would like to know more about us or the farming operation at Twin Oaks feel free to contact us anytime. 

Take Care!

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